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Top 6 Steps for Delivering Your Message Box & Securing a Meeting

  1. Leave the Message Box unwrapped when walking into your prospect’s office - this increases the likelihood of others in the office taking notice of the cool gift and getting it to your prospect quickly.

    • Tell the receptionist you have a special gift delivery for Mr./Ms. Prospect and ask if they are in the office. Think of yourself as Edible Arrangements there to brighten someone’s day!

  2. If you are unable to meet your prospect while delivering the Message Box, send a LinkedIn connection request same-day with a note “Hi _____, I hope you enjoy the custom gift I just dropped off for you - look forward to connecting! ” 

  3. Follow-up with phone call 1 business day after box drop.

  4. Send email with photo of box 2 business days after box drop.

    • Email Subject: Gift for You (Prospect’s first name)

      Hi Tony,

      Did you receive this gift I sent you? Look forward to hearing from you!

      (photo of Message Box)

      Warm Regards,

      (Your name & contact info)

  5. Send LinkedIn message or LinkedIn InMail with photo of box 3 business days after box drop.

  6. Send an email 5 business days after drop with this video link so the prospect can watch how their box was crafted.