Conception, Iteration & Innovation

I launched Musser & Company in December of 2014 with $600 and a table saw in the garage. 

I couldn't afford to pay my laser vendor for more than one engraving per box, so the front of our Message Boxes I engraved by hand with a wood-burner from Hobby Lobby

The lids were designed with cheap parchment paper and some of the hand-crafted boxes themselves were questionable in integrity from my unsteady gluing hand.

M&C-Before And AFter.png


Like many founders, to see some of our early products I built then is cringe-worthy, but makes our work today all the more special.

I never stopped believing in the insight that it is the creative design applied to a physical product that makes it an effective communication tool. 

It is not the "widget" itself, but capturing the essence of a someone's personality or brand in such a way that it can open any door or strengthen an invaluable relationship.  

Since 2014, we have designed our laser-engraved Message Boxes for two Presidents of the United States, Fortune 500 CEO's, sports teams in every major league, Hall-of-Famers and professional athletes. 

It's a testament to the fact that a core insight, no matter how raw, can take hold in market place when watered with grit and an unwavering commitment to iteration and innovation.

-Caleb Musser, President & Founder