David & Goliath (The Sports Version)

Long before our handcrafted, laser-engraved Message Boxes, a cigar box helped me land a meeting I didn’t have a prayer of setting.

I was selling sponsorships at the time for a small NASCAR team, where I would refurbish old cigar boxes and send them with hand-written letters to prospective clients.

There was a large nutrition company I wanted to meet with about sponsoring our NASCAR driver. So I sent the CEO one of my souped-up cigar boxes.

2 weeks later, their advertising director called me. He said they had been approached by every major professional sports team and they never took those meetings because sponsorship didn’t make sense for their business model.

However, my message box had been so unique, the CEO wanted to hear what our team to offer their company.

So we got the meeting. Over all the other major players in sports.

It didn’t matter we were a small race team that generally finished 30th when we didn’t wreck.

The messaging was unique, highly-customized to their brand and stood out from the clutter.

This is still the heart of our business today and why Musser & Company helps our clients open impossible doors.

-Caleb Musser, President & Founder