Reconsidering the Hand-Written Letter

A Trip to Myrtle Beach

Have you ever been to Myrtle Beach? Not too long ago, I was on the way to Myrtle Beach, and it wasn’t long before my senses were swamped by the amount of billboards. It seemed that the closer we got to the beach the more brightly bolded signs appeared on each side of the road. “#1 Restaurant in Myrtle Beach…voted people’s choice for best campground…best experience in Myrtle.” It made it quite difficult to think or even hold a conversation because my senses were being so overcome.


I got back to work to find an environment remarkably similar. As I began perusing through the internet, my screen was instantly flooded with images and messages that pertained to recent Amazon searches, articles I had read, and advertisements demanding for my time and attention.

A Powerful & Time-Tested Tool

If you’re interested at all in cultivating relationships whether for work or for your personal life, you know how difficult it is to capture the attention of people today. Whether you work in management, recruit volunteers for a local non-profit, or you just want to be a good colleague, it’s an uphill battle to have meaningful and impactful communication in today’s world. What about email? What about a text message? Can we expect to beat Amazon for someone’s attention in front of their laptop, television, phone, or tablet? Emails are great, but they fall short. Texts are great (if you happen to be close enough to the individual), yet texts don’t stick around—they get deleted.

There’s nothing that gets you more bang for your buck than the hand-written letter.

So how do you capture the attention of someone and strengthen your relationship in the digital age? Well, there are lots of ways. A better question would be, how do you capture the attention of someone without spending gratouitous amounts of money? Consider the hand-written letter. Yes, there are more effective ways to capture someone’s attention and strengthen a relationship (like sending a thoughtful gift), but they usually have higher prices tags. There’s nothing that gets you more bang for your buck than the hand-written letter.

There has even been an instance when one of our clients wasn’t very impressed with a sample gift we sent him, but their team was blown away by the hand-written letter that it housed. This is exactly why we’ve built our offerings around sending people hand-written letters as a component of a gift.

There’s something nostalgic and palpable to a hand-written letter. They look and feel pleasant. You can almost imagine the person taking the time to ponder and pen the words of each sentence.

There’s something nostalgic and palpable it. They look and feel pleasant. You can almost imagine the person taking the time to ponder and pen the words of each sentence. It’s apparent that they took the time to think of you. It communicates care and value, and it’s also relatively cheap. 

How to Get Started Writing

Think you’re too busy to write letters? Have someone write them for you! Lots of companies offer hand written letter subscriptions where you subscribe and pay by the letter (click here to learn more). These companies also have professionals with excellent hand-writing if you believe yourself to be an incompetent penman.

Not motivated to write your own letters? Then buy a personalized stationary or a new set of pens. These little actions steps can help you become more motivated to sit down and begin writing. It’s also beneficial to establish a designated place of writing (e.g., that comfortable chair by the bed or your chosen seat at a local coffee shop).

Whatever you decide, you should try the hand-written letter as a tool that is powerful and time-tested. It will communicate care, thoughtfulness, and generosity. So, whether you’re wishing a cousin a happy birthday or trying to thank a client for their business, reconsider the hand-written letter. I’m sure they will be grateful.

P.S. If this isn’t enough to convince you, check out the Huffington Post’s article “9 Reasons Not to Abandon The Art of The Handwritten Letter” or Harvard Business Review’s article about why the handwritten letter is more important than ever.