See the Rocket Ship - in everything.

I was recently listening to Reid Hoffman's podcast, Masters of Scale. He had on Radio Flyer CEO, Robert Pasin talking about how they re-discovered their identity as a brand. If you're not familiar with Radio Flyer, they make the little red wagons you probably had as a kid.

Pasin told the story how they polled about people about what the Radio Flyer brand meant to them and the response was eye-opening. To these individuals, Radio Flyer was more than little red wagons. A Radio Flyer was their first rocket ship, car and portable lemonade stand. It was may more than a little red wagon - it was their first little red vehicle of imagination.

It got me thinking about corporate holiday gifts and how many companies still send the same gifts every: fruit baskets, bottles of wine, holiday hams etc. It's hard to see a basket of pears and oranges as a little red rocket ship...

Or is it?

What if we could see the little red rocket ship in the ordinary? What if you could turn that holiday ham into a meaningful gift that your clients will always remember?

Here are 2 free ideas for turning basic holiday gifts into little red rocket ships:

  1. Send a holiday ham or fruit basket to your clients but suggest they donate it to a local food bank or shelter. Include a note saying if they send you a selfie while at the shelter, you will share it on all your social media channels. I mean, which would you prefer - a holiday ham or free marketing and good will towards your brand?

  2. Send a bottle of 19 Crimes wine to your clients. 19 Crimes has an awesome AR app where their criminal labels will tell you their story in an awesome Aussie accent. Tell your clients to email you once they have have watched 3 or more 19 Crimes labels to get a discount off their next order or service with you. Drinking, discounts and a fun new way to enjoy wine - now that's a sweet holiday gift!

May the gifts be with you.

Caleb Musser

Founder & Creative Director