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Kill the Widget

Widget [wij-it]: Something considered typical or representative, as of a manufacturer's products: “the widgets coming off the assembly line.”

We learned about widgets in business classes – a generic term used to describe a generic product.

It’s nothing personal, but Musser & Company it out to #KillTheWidget.

Because most people designing products today are solely focused on the aesthetics, functionality and marketability of a widget to the masses.

The problem is that a widget designed to appeal to the masses is not going blow away the C-level executive who spends 6-7 figures annually with your company. 

It is the strategic insights and design applied to a widget that turns it into a powerful communication tool.

Don’t send your clients widgets. They deserve better.

-Caleb Musser, President & Founder

David & Goliath (The Sports Version)

David & Goliath (The Sports Version)

Long before our handcrafted, laser-engraved Message Boxes, a cigar box helped me land a meeting I didn’t have a prayer of setting.

I was selling sponsorships at the time for a small NASCAR team, where I would refurbish old cigar boxes and send them with hand-written letters to prospective clients.

There was a large nutrition company I wanted to meet with about sponsoring our NASCAR driver. So I sent the CEO one of my souped-up cigar boxes.

It's Not About the Widget

It's Not About the Widget

Why is the Message Box the most powerful tactile communication tool in business?

It’s not because each box is hand-crafted and laser-engraved with American materials from start to finish.

Because it’s not about the “widget”.

It’s the ideas and design that go into each box to tell a story that rivets someone’s attention amidst their busy day. 

Conception, Iteration & Innovation

Conception, Iteration & Innovation

I launched Musser & Company in December of 2014 with $600 and a table saw in the garage. 

I couldn't afford to pay my laser vendor for more than one engraving per box, so the front of our Message Boxes I engraved by hand with a wood-burner from Hobby Lobby

The lids were designed with cheap parchment paper and some of the hand-crafted boxes themselves were questionable in integrity from my unsteady gluing hand.

Like many founders, to see some of our early products I built then is cringe-worthy, but makes our work today all the more special.