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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the pricing work on custom projects?  

Each project is hyper customized to our client’s unique budget and business objectives. To receive a custom quote, contact Sales@MusserAndCompany.com.

Do you do make personal gifts for consumers?

No, Musser & Company works solely with the corporate market to help companies achieve their business objectives. If you would like to purchase a Message Box as a personal gift, please visit our sister company, www.SouthernFavor.Gift.

Can you use licensed major league sports or collegiate logos/images for my campaign?

Musser & Company only produces licensed league or collegiate marks for our professional sports and collegiate clients with their expressed consent. Our creations are designed to serve solely as a communication tool for corporate clients to achieve business objectives (such as other mediums - print, digital, outdoor, TV & radio). Musser & Company does not produce any merchandise for the general public. All products on website have been purchased by respective clients or provided as samples.