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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the pricing work?  

Musser & Company tailors each project to our client’s unique design, business objectives, quantities and budgetary parameters. We take a consultative approach with each client vs just mass producing products - providing our clients unparalleled value in the marketplace. To view project based pricing, click here. For retainer and campaign pricing, contact

Do you do work for the consumer market?

No, Musser & Company works solely with the corporate market to help organizations achieve their business objectives. Because we partner exclusively with corporate clients on high-level campaigns, we have developed a unique niche communicating with chief executives and notable figures (Fortune 500 CEO’s, Hall-of-Fame athletes and two former Presidents of the United States have received M&C products). If you would like to purchase a Message Box as a personal gift, please visit our sister company, www.SouthernFavor.Gift.

Can you use licensed major league sports or collegiate logos/images for my campaign?

Musser & Company only produces licensed league/collegiate marks for our professional sports and collegiate clients with their expressed consent for internal business campaigns. Our creations are designed to serve solely as a communication tool for corporate clients to achieve business objectives (such as other mediums - digital, outdoor, TV & radio). Musser & Company does not produce any merchandise for the general public. All products on site have been purchased by respective clients or provided as samples.