Custom Corporate Gifting Projects

Looking for a fully-customized corporate gift? Our corporate gifting team will craft a custom, made-to-order project to suit your unique gifting needs. Whether you are looking for:

  • More gift options – we have 250+ customized gifts that can be mixed-and-matched (YETI, Shinola and other USA-based brands available)

  • Additional wood and stain options

  • More customization options (such as co-branding and additional engravings)

  • Drop-shipping to your clients

  • $5,000 minimum order

Our team will create exactly what you need to make a lasting impact on your valuable relationships.

Let’s plan your next gifting project.

Get in touch today so we can begin crafting a gifting strategy to suit your needs.

The Perfect Corporate Gift

Recognizing your top clients with thoughtful gifts has many benefits. Giving a gift offers a reason to reach out, show that you care, and make a connection with your client. Good client relations typically leads to improved customer loyalty and retention, but even more, impressing your existing customers can bring you new business through referrals.

Executive gift giving isn’t just for clients, either; giving your employees gifts improves employee relations by showing they are valued.

What makes a good corporate gift? We’ve found that clients enjoy receiving high-end, useful, branded, personalized and thoughtful gifts. Fortunately, this is where Musser excels - we go beyond the typical “tchotchkes” and offer something the recipient will truly use and enjoy.

“We work alongside some of the biggest brands in the world and these message boxes were perfect. They did not come to us with an off the shelf type of item. This was the unique item we were looking for and the quality was first class.”
— Joseph Damato, Vice President of Marketing, Joe Gibbs Racing