Frequently Asked Questions

How does the pricing work?  

Musser & Company tailors each project to our client’s unique design, business objectives, quantities and budgetary parameters. Every project is an original creation – we don’t offer any “off-the-shelf” products and believe this unique approach provides our clients unparalleled value in the marketplace.

What are the dimensions of the message boxes? 

The standard size for the message boxes are 8 "X 5" X 4", 5" X 5" X 4", 5" X 5" X 1" and 13" X 9" X 6" (over-size option); ideal desktop sizes that keeps our clients top-of-mind. Custom sizes are available and can be created to meet your unique objectives.

Does M&C work in the consumer market?

No, M&C works solely with the corporate market to help organizations achieve their business objectives. Because we partner exclusively with corporate clients on high-level campaigns, we have developed a unique niche communicating with chief executives and notable figures (Fortune 500 CEO’s, Hall-of-Fame athletes and two former Presidents of the United States have received M&C products). If you would like to purchase a Message Box as a personal gift, please visit our sister company, www.SouthernFavor.Gift.

Can M&C use licensed major league sports or collegiate logos/images for my campaign?

M&C only produces licensed league/collegiate marks for our professional sports and collegiate clients with their expressed consent for internal business campaigns. M&C's 3D messages are designed to serve solely as a communication tool for corporate clients to achieve business objectives (such as other mediums - digital, outdoor, TV & radio). M&C does not produce any merchandise for the general public. All products on site have been purchased by respective clients or provided as samples.