Corporate Gifting Platform

Need a simple way to send unique, meaningful gifts to your clients, partners, employees or donors? Musser’s corporate gifting platform makes it incredibly easy to send personalized gifts directly to your prospects and clients - whenever you need them. In fact, our one-stop solution for remarkable client gifting offers everything you need to customize and ship high end gifts to build and improve relationships.

Using our customized gifting platform for multiple and recurrent gifting projects, your team can easily send quality, personalized gifts that leave a lasting impact on the recipients. We pair our handcrafted Message Boxes with over 250 customized gifts to choose from made by quality gift brands like YETI, Shinola, Rustico and others.

You’ll be able to send personalized client gifts on-demand and directly to your office or to your recipients. We’ll work with you to establish price points and gift designs customized for your unique needs. You’ll enjoy hyper-customization at scale, meaning you can send 1 or 1,000+ personalized gifts at a time; plus, there are no minimums, no set up fees and shipping costs are included. Our gifting platform is turnkey, so you can ship gifts directly to your office or your recipients’ door steps. We offer a 1-2 week turnaround on all small-batch orders, and 3-4 weeks on bulk orders. We’ll handle monthly reports and monitoring, and even offer management approval “safe guards”.

Professional and collegiate sports teams: we can host existing team products on our platform, such as team sweatshirts or duffel bags, and we’ll drop-ship them directly from our warehouse.

Gifts on our corporate gifting platform are available in allotments of $15,000, $25,000 or $50,000 worth of gifts, though the best gift prices are available at the $25,0000 and $50,000 tiers. Musser will allocate a percentage of spend back into corporate partnership with sports teams that invest at least $25,000 into their gifting portal.

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“We work alongside some of the biggest brands in the world and these message boxes were perfect. They did not come to us with an off the shelf type of item. This was the unique item we were looking for and the quality was first class.”
— Joseph Damato, Vice President of Marketing, Joe Gibbs Racing