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Emotional Intelligence

We research and discover what makes individuals and brands tick

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Tangible Product

Apply those insights into the design of tangible products

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Unforgettable Gift

And turn tangible products into powerful, unforgettable gifts


Message Boxes

Designed with graphic art through laser-engraving technology and containing a customized letter and contents, each Message Box communicates your unique story to the recipient.

Box Contents

Musser & Company offers 100+ American-made, customized items to create stunning door-openers, employee and client gifts with stopping power. From laser engraving to 3D printing, download our full list of offerings here.

3D Printing

Print any visual with stunning color. Our team of graphic animation artists will render an idea or concept into a 3D model that can be printed to virtually any size. If you can dream it up, we can print it into reality.

Hand-Written Letters

Some professionals love the sentiment of sending hand-written letters, but don't feel confident in their handwriting or struggle to find the time. We offer professionally hand-written letters as a service subscription, as well as an add-on for Message Boxes. Our letters are sent on parchment paper and wax-sealed with your company logo to ensure a meaningful impact in the modern world of digital communication. 

Laser-Engraved Wall Murals

Hang your skyline, a special moment in team history or stadium on an office wall with our laser-engraved wall murals.

“We work alongside some of the biggest brands in the world and these message boxes were perfect. They did not come to us with an off the shelf type of item. This was the unique item we were looking for and the quality was first class.”
— Joseph Damato, Vice President of Marketing, Joe Gibbs Racing