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Sending holiday gifts to your invaluable clients and employees is always a good idea. The BEST idea is to send gifts that are highly unique, custom and personalized; that they simply can’t buy for themselves. At Musser & Company, we manufacture and partner with only the best materials and brands to offer your valuable relationships a truly unforgettable gifting experience.

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What makes a good holiday gift?

We’ve found that clients and employees enjoy receiving high-end, useful, branded, personalized and thoughtful gifts. Fortunately, this is where Musser excels - we go beyond the typical “tchotchkes” and offer something the recipient will truly use and enjoy.

Every American-made message box gift set features a laser-engraved design and contains a personalized card and one (or more) of 250+ American-made, customized gifts from brands such as Shinola, Rustico and YETI.

The Musser Gifting Manifesto

Gifts are powerful relationship-building tools for clients, employees and established relationships. Gifts should be personalized, high-quality and unique.