Premier Closing Gifts

Below are (10) customizable, American-made gifts to commemorate your client's new home purchase. All products are handcrafted by American artisans - watch our process.  

Please look through the gift options below, customize your gifts, enter payment & shipping information information, then submit your order. (Your order will ship within 1-2 weeks upon submission).


"When thou makest presents, let them be of such things as will last long;

to the end they may be in some sort immortal, and may

frequently refresh the memory of the receiver." 

- Thomas Fuller

Gift Options

1. Handwritten Letter (Dictate Your Message): $10/each  

2. Key Chain Bottle Opener (Customize w/ DBA): $15/each (minimum of 5)  

3. Full-Size Bottle Opener (Customize w/ DBA): $20/each (minimum of 5)  

4. Set of (4) of "Home" Coasters (Customize w/ DBA): $32/set  

5. Laser-Cut Box w/ (4) “Home” coasters (Customize w/ DBA): $50/box  

6. Personalized "Home" Journal (Customize w/ DBA & Buyer Name): $40/journal  

7. Personalized Executive Pen (Customize w/ DBA & Buyer Name): $60/pen  

8. Personalized "Home" Journal Box (Customize w/ DBA & Buyer Name): $100/each  

9. Personalized Coffee & Chocolate Box (Customize w/ DBA, Buyer Name & Photo): $150/box  

10. Personalized After-Hours Box (Customize w/ DBA, Buyer Name & Photo): $200

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