The Sales Vortex™

Our proprietary Sales Vortex™ campaigns can help you open impossible doors through a combination of tangible, digital, and personal marketing methods.

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We design tangible door-openers using emotional intelligence and brand insights that open doors to conversations with your top prospects

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Our digital support will ensure that you're prospects don't slip through the cracks by leveraging custom landing pages, email campaigns, video production, and digital marketing. 


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We equip your sales team with personalized scripts and tactics to follow up with prospects and set meetings.

Campaign Example

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Prospect receives door-opener in the mail with a compelling message

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Prospect visits custom landing page from door-opener message

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Your sales team follows up with prospect to set appointment

Average Response Rates for Marketing Channels

We guarantee a minimum 50% response rate on all Sales Vortex™ campaigns; with some campaigns generating as high as 78%-100% response rates. Check out the Washington Nationals case study here.

Traditional Sales Funnel vs. Sales Vortex Campaign