C-Level Prospecting Campaigns

You might have a great sales team and a top-notch product or service, but unfortunately in the digital age, that’s usually not enough. You’re not alone if you’re still finding it challenging to open doors and schedule meetings; especially with the C-suite.

At Musser, we’ve created a disruptive B2B prospecting process called the Sales Vortex. It’s a sales funnel - on steroids. Our hyper-targeted ABM/ABS approach will kick open impossible doors, starts conversations and sets meetings with your toughest C-level prospects.

Watch Caleb Musser explain how the Sales Vortex process helps sales teams open impossible doors.

We start by designing a customized door-opener package with a compelling design, contents and call-to-action message. This is where account-based marketing, corporate gifting and 3D mail meld together in perfect harmony.

We then ship each personalized door-opener package directly to your prospects’ doorsteps. The door-opener captures the prospects’ attention and the call-to-action message inside prompts them to a personalized landing page with a video message encouraging them to schedule a meeting.

As soon as the packages are delivered, we empower your sales team to follow up through a scheduled delivery of creative email, phone and LinkedIn messages on the SalesLoft platform; making it nearly impossible for any of your prospects to fall through the cracks.

We’ve found that this integrated approach of tangible, digital and human outreach can generate over 50% response rates from C-level prospects. For example, a campaign we created for the Washington Nationals resulted in a 78% response rate and 4,400% ROI.

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Find out how our Sales Vortex campaigns can open doors for your sales team.

Sales Vortex campaigns for Oracle and Siemens

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“A world of thanks to Musser & Co. for helping us with a high quality product, a quick turnaround, and being the backbone of our most successful suite marketing campaign in several years.”
— The Washington Nationals