On-Demand Prospecting and Sales Gifts that Convert Into New Business

Looking for a new way to stand out from your competition, open impossible doors and schedule sales meetings with prospects and potential customers?

Musser creates custom, tangible door openers that are creative and high-end to capture the attention of key stakeholders. Our handcrafted Message Boxes are branded with your (or your prospect’s) logo and contain unique contents and calls-to-action. When our boxes land on your prospect’s desk, they’ll be immediately intrigued by the beautiful, handcrafted wooden boxes and the unique contents. The call-to-action card will encourage them to visit a landing page, where they’ll be greeted by a video message encouraging them to schedule a meeting, call or demo to learn more about your product or service.

We’ll create a custom portal that you and your sales reps can use to order customized Message Boxes on-demand, in any quantity, and have them shipped straight to the prospect with a quick turnaround time, typically 1-2 weeks, though bulk orders may take a bit longer. Our prospecting portal has no minimums and no set up fees, and shipping costs are included. It’s a turnkey solution with price points, gifts and designs customized to your unique needs. We can even host your commonly-used products on our platform, such as branded gear. Plus, we provide monthly reports and monitoring, and management-approval “safe guards” are available if needed.

Let's make prospecting more effective than ever.

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“We work alongside some of the biggest brands in the world and these message boxes were perfect. They did not come to us with an off the shelf type of item. This was the unique item we were looking for and the quality was first class.”
— Joseph Damato, Vice President of Marketing, Joe Gibbs Racing