“Last fall, The Washington Nationals worked with Musser & Company to produce a high-end, “Call to Action” box, targeting 140 of the best qualified suite prospects in the DC market. The final product was incredibly well received, with 76% recipients providing at least a response to our representatives’ follow up call campaign, within 90 days. 29% of the recipients agreed to a face to face meeting within that time period. Within 5 months, we closed a new full season annual suite, quarter season suite, and are negotiating with half a dozen other box recipients about various products in the ballpark. A world of thanks to Musser & Co. for helping us with a high quality product,  a quick turnaround, and being the backbone of our most successful suite marketing campaign in several years.”

-Kai Murray, Director, Premium Sales & Service, Washington Nationals

“The Minnesota Vikings Foundation was looking for a way to launch our philanthropic efforts and partnering with Musser and Company allowed us to create a memory our staff and children from across Minnesota will never forget.  Each child completed a card outlining their hopes and dreams for the future.  These cards were placed in beautifully crafted boxes which will be secured in time capsules for the next 20 years.  The boxes provide a tangible reminder for our leadership team of the mission we hope to achieve.  Thank you Musser and Company for joining us as we Forge Ahead Together!”

-Brett Taber, Executive Director of Social Impact, Minnesota Vikings

"After hosting Major League Baseball's 86th All Star Game, we were looking for a unique holiday gift. We called Musser & Company with a blank canvas... They over-delivered on the design and final product. The attention to detail was exquisite, and communication was timely and professional. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in any industry wanting to share something with those who matter most to their business."

-Megan Stuerenberg, Senior Premium Sales Executive, Cincinnati Reds

"We work alongside some of the biggest brands in the world and these message boxes were perfect.  They did not come to us with an off the shelf type of item.  This was the unique item we were looking for and the quality was first class."

-Joseph Damato, Vice President of Marketing, Joe Gibbs Racing

"The Cleveland Indians were looking for a unique gift for high-level premium clients during our suite renovation, and we were happy to find Musser & Company. Their creative thought process delivered a fantastic product that our clients were very excited about, leading to great value in their future investment in the club. (Musser & Co.) was great to work with, and delivered a great product for us!"

-Ryan Robbins, Director of Corporate Partnerships & Premium Hospitality, Cleveland Indians

“We needed a special unique gift for one of our most prestigious clients, and Musser & Company came through on the creation of the Message Box. They sent us multiple ideas and options, and then once the product was delivered it was a perfect gift. I can’t thank them enough for their hard work.”

-Kyler Pilling, Senior Account Executive, Virginia Tech (IMG)

"We were looking for something different to do with our tickets to create some excitement and give our premium clients something they could have as a keepsake that no one else would have. Musser & Company was great to work with, and went above and beyond to help get this project done."

-Ashley Thiedke, Director of Premium Seating, New Orleans Pelicans

"When you really want to get someone's attention or when a 'Thank You' note just does not suffice, one of these customizable message boxes is the answer. The recipient will definitely appreciate and remember this truly unique gift." 

Randy Kibler, Retired CEO & Chairman of the Board, Bojangles', Inc.

“I sell medical devices to surgeons and many of them are virtually impossible to meet with to discuss new surgical technology.  After trying for months to schedule meetings with high-profile surgeons, I decided to purchase Musser & Company message boxes that were laser-engraved with their full name, alma mater fight song, picture of their medical school, as well as my product logo on the front of the box.

The investment paid back a thousand fold. If you have an excellent product or service and you need some face-time with key decision makers, Caleb and his team will land those impossible-to-get appointments. They set me apart from my competition and keep my product logo in front of surgeons to see as it becomes a permanent fixture on their desk."

Steve H., Territory Manager, Adler Instruments

 "We utilized Musser & Company to deliver a proposal ... It really helped us stand out in a cluttered field of respondents."

-Matt Ferguson, Managing Partner, Eric Mower + Associates

"I received one of the Musser & Company message boxes and I was floored. It is a first-class gesture and is something I will use forever. I can honestly say it is the most unique gift I have ever received.  If you want to make a positive impression on another human being, then send them one of these boxes."

 James B. Mathis, III, VP Marketing, Consolidated Planning, Inc.